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-Have a small Etsy store


Michelangelo is a thank-you gift going out tomorrow with the matching beanie! :)
As for the dragon clutching the gold, he will be going up in my other Etsy shop soon once he gets a chain :)

What do you all think?


I’ve committed. I’m going to do the craft fair at the high school. My mom is going to help me with the business aspect and get my ducks in a row. I need to start building inventory and fast. Mostly I will have clay items there but I want to incorporate a bit of crochet too. Both are incredibly time consuming and two months is not a long time :(

For anyone who has done craft fairs or the like, how did you build inventory and quickly?


A mild alteration on my usual drawstring bag pattern, this one had added sturdy handles, interfaced circle bottom, and lining, to be more of a purse then a stow sack/dice bag.  :)  It will cost more for it as it is a lot more complex, but purses are that way as it is so, I figure that’s okay.  The light colored one has my own designed fabric on it I got printed at Spoonflower. These will be for sale at AnimeUSA.

PS: the new constellation fabric I found GLOWS IN THE DARK.  I am also making some antlers with it >u>

(via knitmecrazy)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Beanie →

Finally renewed this listing! I made some changes to the listing to make it easier for customers to see what the prices are for what they might want and I made the color option available as well so customers don’t have to put it in the notes to seller. Just more friendly than it was before! :)

I made this listing active early on in the fall season for those who like to shop for Christmas early! These hats do take some time to make, especially if more than one is ordered at a time! So if you would like one, get your order in now while there is plenty of time left before the holidays are here!

Legend of Zelda inspired Navi the Fairy by ResinTemptations →


New earrings are up in my shop! Go check some of my other stuff out while you’re there too!

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